Choco Flower

Choco Flower

1day sponsor for ChocoPro LIVE!

- We will send you the autographed group photo digital data of all the participating members.
- For those who purchase both Choco Bouquet ( and Choco Flower, we will send you another image.

● How to download group photo data
・ We will inform you of the URL of the image data storage folder by e-mail within a few days after the show ends.
・ Please access the URL you provided and check the image.

* There is not written your name for the group photo.
* You can also buy Choco Flowers from past shows. Please let us know the number of the show you want in the remarks column when you purchase.

  • #166:10/23
    100 available 100%
  • #167:10/24
    100 available 100%
  • #168 : 10/30 Tag Title Match
    100 available 100%
  • #169 : 10/31 Halloween Special
    99 available 99%
  • Past Show
    998 available 100%