Backstage Pass - Private Stream after the show

Backstage Pass - Private Stream after the show

This is a private stream that starts within 20 minutes of the end of the ChocoPro show.
Please enter the room from the following URL, using the password that will be sent to you in a separate email.
*An e-mail with the password will be sent before the end of the show.

If you have purchased a ChocoBouqet for the show, you do not need to buy this.
If you are buying both the ChocoFlower and this, I recommend buying the ChocoBouqet ( ), which is a set product.

*There will be an archive so you can watch it even after it is streamed.
*You can also buy BSP from past shows. Please let us know the number of the show you want in the remarks column when you purchase.

  • #166:10/23
    100 available 100%
  • #167:10/24
    100 available 100%
  • #168 : 10/30 Tag Title Match
    100 available 100%
  • #169 : 10/31 Halloween Special
    100 available 100%
  • Past Show
    1000 available 100%